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Alexandre N. Kolosovski

EU corporate and commercial law, advisory services regarding legal reforms in evolving economies

Alexandre Kolosovski manages the firm's practice in Paris, France.

He provides legal advice to domestic, EU and international clients and companies operating in France, in the European Union or in the Central and Eastern Europe in technology, computer law and intellectual property related legal issues.

He also intervenes in the area of corporate and commercial law and has extensive experience in representation of clients in contract negotiations, corporate structuring and finance, and joint ventures creation.

He counsels government and private clients in connection with legal issues arising in transition economies in the core areas of trade, investment and commercial law. Mr. Alexandre Kolosovski has extensive experience in working on legal reform in the European Union and the accession countries, as well as in major legal reform projects in the Newly Independent States, particularly in the area of harmonization of legislation.

Mr. Alexandre Kolosovski performs the advisory work on tender preparation and the implementation of legal reforms and training projects in the areas of competition, enabling of small and medium enterprise economic environment, legal aspects of privatization, legal framework of banking regulation, Partnership and Cooperation Agreements, Association Agreements implementation, legal and judicial training, environmental and energy legislation.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Alexandre Kolosovski was an associate with a Paris-based international law firm in France with specialization in corporate, corporate finance, commercial and aeronautic law and commercial dispute settlement, structuring and organization of start-up businesses and joint ventures.

Mr. Alexandre Kolosovski worked as a legal consultant to various government agencies of the former Soviet Union and Central European Countries within the framework of the European Commission, World Bank and USAID sponsored projects. His responsibilities included practical training of private and government attorneys, comprehensive analysis and review of the existing legal framework and providing advice regarding reformation of the legal system

Mr. Kolosovski has published several articles on legal approximation and harmonization with the European Union legislation. Mr. Kolosovski received his degree in law in 1991, his master degree in Law from the University of Aix–Marseille in France in 1995 and his MBA degree from Solvay Business School, Belgium in 1998. He is admitted to practice within the Paris Bar (Avocat à la Cour), France and Minsk Bar in Belarus.

Mr. Kolosovski is Member of Board of the Association Française des Juristes Franco-Russes (AFJFR), an Association of Russian-French Lawyers, at the Paris Bar. He is in charge of the relations with Third Party, in particular with the Commercial Delegation of the Russian Federation in France located in Paris.

Alexandre Kolosovski
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